Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is WRLD?

WRLD is a marketing company that specializes in the entertainment industry.  We generally book artists for concerts, appearances, tours and more.  We also perform tour routing, marketing strategies, corporate compliance and other tasks.

2) Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets for our shows can be purchased through Ticketmaster.

3) Can I help promote your events?

Yes!  We are always looking for motivated individuals to help promote our shows.  Click contact us and send us a message.  Be sure to include the city you want to promote in.

4) Can you bring a specific artist to my city?

There are many different factors involved in putting on a show.  It depends on the demand for the artist, availability, venue, and more.  Feel free to send us a message and let us know who you want to see. We might be planning an upcoming show near you and haven't announced it yet!

5) What does VIP include?

VIP typically means express entry into the venue.  Some of our shows have several hundred people in line at once.  For a small fee, you can skip the line and get a better spot near the stage.